Barbara Starr
Perspective (or context)
  1. Pursued a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from South Africa in the 80's. 

  2. Recruited to build intelligent/predictive trading systems on Wall Street

  3.   Migrated to government-based contracts, several of which turned into real world products like

  4. SIRI (PAL from DARPA)

  5. WATSON  (Acquaint - IBM Watson Labs was a team member)

  6.   From the vantage of a semantic technologist, I keenly watched the evolution of the Semantic Web.

  7.   “Shocked into the real world” when working as a consultant @ Overstock

  8. Today - Educator, Consultant, Developer. 

  9.   San Diego Semantic web Meetup organizer & more:

  10.   VP product marketing - algebraixData

  11.   Searchengineland Author & ...


Meta - Information (About me)

Sad but true:

I love technology, gadgets, Artificial Intelligence ,etc.

Especially when the stuff actually works!

Imagine that!

My Gallery

I guess pictures speak louder than words!

I have been blessed with 2 magnificent boys - You can see them above, along with my late father.  Top right picture when he was with my youngest son)

My eldest son, Dillon Starr - is currently at UCLA, my youngest son, Justin Kane-Starr is in 7th grade and lives with me.